The tag should really be put into a node at the ideal point along the highway, with


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The tag should really be put into a node at the ideal point along the highway, with

The label cycleway =* can be used to describe any period lanes constructed within the carriageway or cycle monitors running parallel to the carriageway.


pavement =* can be used to provide details about footways (also called pavements/sidewalks) that could, or is almost certainly not associated with the freeway.

Crossing guidelines and obstacles

crossing =* may be used to indicate somewhere in which there services are offered to aid individuals crossing the street. crossing =* are open to explain the type of crossing utilizing one of many soon after beliefs: traffic_signals, out of control, isle or unmarked. Moreover, the leg =*, bike =*, pony =* labels can be used to indicate which methods can legally utilize the crossing. The supervised = yes tag enables you to show that the crossing was monitored at active instances.

In which usage of a freeway is fixed by some actual boundary this is shown by the addition of a node marked with boundary =* with an appropriate importance (eg: border_control, cycle_barrier, cattle_grid, gate, bollard, stile, toll_booth or turnstile). An access =* label is put into give information about which methods of transport are affected by the buffer. For a toll-booth the charge =* tag can be utilized for create more information.

Where a railroad crosses a street at grade need railroad = level_crossing , and employ railway = crossing where a route crosses a railway.

For a spot where a river or stream crosses a street or route without a link utilize ford =*. For a narrow watercourse showed making use of one means, a node must utilized. For a broad lake denoted by the region waterway = riverbank , the ‘ford’ tag must be used on just how comprising the full length of the road as it crosses the river.

Vehicles and trams

Shuttle prevents along the way should-be tagged with freeway = bus_stop or utilizing the newer public_transport = platform which ought to be positioned to the side of this carriageway where guests wait. A tram running within primary carriageway needs to be tagged with railroad = tram on a single way since the roadway. In the event the tram runs into an independent right-of-way to the side associated with the carriageway or inside the main booking subsequently establish a .

Bridges and tunnels

Ways on links plus in tunnels must indicated by splitting just how where bridge starts and finishes, and establishing the middle method as imperative link bridge = yes/viaduct or tunnel = yes . There is some argument concerning how to list link and canal portions along a road. One means is to use bridge:name =* and tunnel:name =* another is to try using the recommended Bridge/tunnel relationship and include the name on the link within that relationship. For mapping links, discover man_made = connection .

The coating =* label should typically be used using one ways by which that combination utilizing a connection or canal. a bridge will commonly end up being tagged with layer = 1 and a tunnel with coating = -1 although where in fact the junction is much more complex extra levels are needed. In which a road was above or below ground level a section might marked with embankment =* or reducing =*.


A Carriageway (Am.: roadway) includes a distance of highway upon which a car is not constrained by any real barriers or divorce to go laterally.

  • a street comprising one carriageway (bidirectional or one-way) try mapped utilizing a linear OSM-way.
  • a path including several carriageway is mapped making use of a separate OSM-way for every single of those carriageways. Usually they are one-ways as twin carriageways.