When the pressure is off, his love for you can re-surface and he won’t think about leaving


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When the pressure is off, his love for you can re-surface and he won’t think about leaving

The secret is to focus on having fun, and only having fun. It will allow him to work on his issues (same with you) – and when the stress goes away you can get back to the happy couple you used to be.

My boyfriend says he doesn’t know what he feels anymore and he tries to remind himself that he loves me and he feels all this is because of distance that he feels when he sees me all will be ok and he says he doesn’t want me to leave his life and he feels breaking up with me will be a decision he will always regret and he doesn’t want me to hate him… What should I do??

My boy friend has never told me that he loves me i was the one to tell him that and he always says ( i love you too) but i can see no prouve for that

hey there , i did loved your article and i would like to ask a question. he never treats me well , we have never had romantic talks even when we’re having sex . and now we stopped nearly every thing ( like for 15 days ago) i keep talking to him but in deep down of me i feel like he is answering me and hanging out with me just because he feels guilty about “us” and he finds it hard to broke up with (me since he keeps telling me that i am a verry nice person ). I am verry positive so far and am dealing well with my life without him but inside i am kinda scared of loosing him . Can you help me lto find a way to gain him back

In may he told me he wants to stay and make it work but he isn’t the same person anymore he like us to do separate thing and not together he doesn’t touch me anymore like he always did only kisses me maybe once a month and we never do anything in the bedroom anymore only when he is desperate! It never feels normal if he does touch me now because it’s been 7 month. I’ve spoke about it so many times with him and he just says what more do you want we are fine am no different am still the happy loving person I’ve always been, but he can’t see that he isn’t the same person anymore and I don’t no if he loves me either he always made sure I knew I was loved on the phone leaving little notes around the house just telling me to my face and now the last time he told me was December. I just don’t no what to do anymore I feel stuck

Initially in the relationship we were very strong

This is Ash. I’m currently a sophmore in college and my boyfriend’s Senior. We began dating 7months ago. My boyfriend recently just broke up. we loved spending time with each other. We loved and cared about each other. He would amke me food at 4am in the morning. During our finals week I was sick. He took care of me like my father would. Made me soup. Stayed by me 24/7. There were times he said he wanted to marry me right away. He would say I’m the best thing that happened to me. 3 konths into the relationship I was living in apartment. I hadnt moved in. But I would spend my nights there. We would study together, eat togtehr , sleep toegther. 5 months into the relationship he began to pull away. He would say I want to stuy, I have work. I accpet I overreacted. I was so use to him being my side always, I did not like it. We would ahve fights because of that. But he still stuck by me. We would ahve our moments here and there. But we were strong. I knew he loved me and I knew I loved him dearly. Last month, I left to home for summer. Before going off to summer we had a lot of fights. I said pretty bad stuff to me and vice versa. He said he loves me but he wants to go on a break. I freaked out how to meet a sugar daddy in real life. I cried. I texted him. I yelled at him. Hurt his ego. Just when I thought we were done for good. he texted me he wanted to give us a second chance. We tried. i was scared i would lose him. I did all kinds of things to keep him close. He texted me few days becak he does not feel the same anymore. He says does not feel excited to text me or make me feel special becasue hurt his ego very bad. But I want him back in my life. What we shared for those seven months was real and special. We connected. I dont want him to stay as a memory. What do i do?